If elected to the Board, I will commit to engaging parents, taxpayers and teachers for our students:

Championing Our Students

Our students deserve a quality curriculum that prepares them for the workforce, higher education and beyond.

As one of the top school systems in the nation, it is imperative that we keep the focus of FCPS on its primary mission – to educate our students well.  They deserve it and our future depends on it.

We must work toward reasonable class sizes for all students.  I will insist on analysis of the disparity in class sizes throughout the county so we can make common sense decisions based on fact and good metrics to benefit all of our students.

We need to help our students effectively acquire knowledge and grow into lifelong learners.  We must stop teaching to the test.


Partnering with Parents

Parents have the right to be an active, integral part of their children’s education.

I will give parents their deserved voice on the School Board by providing a platform for their concerns by holding round tables with the PTA’s in each district throughout the year.

Regular engagement with parents, teachers and our community will allow me to understand and respond to the challenges and successes we are facing as a school system.


Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility

Transparency and accountability of our resources are of utmost importance for a school system spending $2.6 billion a year.

The FCPS budget must be carefully allocated to quality, cost-effective programs, with an independent and unbiased evaluation of these programs deployed across the school system.

In conjunction with objective audits, I will fight for zero-based budgeting to eliminate redundancy and encourage efficiency.  We will then be equipped to create a budget that is within our means and that separates our needs and our wants.


Engaging Teachers

Teacher retention is critical to our students’ success, as research shows teachers become more effective with experience.

Teachers should be supported in accomplishing their mission: teaching our children.

Competitive salaries and teacher working conditions are key to retention. By working more closely and directly with teachers, who truly understand the challenges in the classrooms, I believe FCPS can provide a quality education for all students.

As a Physical Therapist, I know the value of policy makers observing first-hand how caregivers provide direct patient care.  I plan to visit with teachers and staff on the ground to understand the real struggles and successes in the classroom, and shape solutions that allow teachers to teach.