Overall, Ms. Hough’s questionnaire and campaign web site demonstrate admirable consistency, and a stronger grasp of class size issues than some incumbents, and Class Size Counts is pleased to endorse Ms. Hough to represent the entire county as a School Board member at large.

Class Size Counts, parent advocacy group

Endorsed by Leaders in Fairfax County

Jeanette Hough will be a voice of reason on the School Board. With her background in economics she understands the fiscal challenges that face our schools county-wide. As a current FCPS parent, Ms. Hough is personally invested and equipped to serve our students and community.

Tom Davis, former US House of Representative, former Board of Supervisor

I fully support and endorse Jeanette Hough as an At-Large member of the Fairfax County School Board. The challenges facing our county and schools are great, but Jeanette is a hard worker and a leader with fresh new ideas to address these challenges. The Board of Supervisors and School Board must come together in the face of these challenges. I would be honored to work with Ms. Hough to meet our mutual goal of making Fairfax County schools the best in the nation.

Pat Herrity, Board of Supervisor, Springfield

It is time for fresh leadership on the Fairfax County School Board. Jeanette Hough, Manar Jean-Jacques and Dr. Bob Copeland are committed to a School Board that works on behalf of our children, is respectful to parents, and transparent and responsible in its use of taxpayer money.

Suzanne Scholte, President of the Defense Forum Foundation,
Vice Co-Chair of the U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea
John Cook, Board of Supervisor, Braddock
Barbara Comstock, US House of Representatives, 10th District of Virginia

Teacher Supported

As a retired Fairfax County Teacher, I support Jeanette Hough for a position on the School Board. She has impressed me with her vision, energy, and passion for maintaining a high quality education for all students.

Sandy Beall, retired FCPS teacher

As a seasoned FCPS employee, it is refreshing to hear Ms. Hough's new ideas for addressing the challenges of our school system, setting clear priorities and evaluating our program objectively with fiscal responsibility.

Judy Edwards, FCPS career counselor

I am a FCPS teacher and mom, and I appreciate Ms. Hough's commitment to make sure all constituents have a platform to be heard. She has a clear plan to prioritize getting the money to the classrooms and eliminating inefficiencies.

Nikki Carroll, FCPS HS teacher

I am supporting Jeanette Hough because we need School Board members who will examine the efficacy of all FCPS programs and make budget decisions based on data rather than personal interests.

Jen Cortesi, FCPS HS teacher
Anne LeMay, FCPS teacher